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New Panzer Photo Albums!!!

Check out the NEW Panzer photo albums at the following link.


More will be added as we go - we wanted to get these up to see how it worked. Please let us know how you like it!
Note we just moved to a site sponsored by Kodak.  The neat thing is that you can buy quality prints from the site to hang in your garage.  If you need a .jpeg file of a particular picture, just email us at and include the word "Panzer" in the subject line.

Al Hofer's T758es and Snow Blower
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Bill Janitor's Hybrid T205 with a Model A Front End and Kohler Engine
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T65 creatively modified by Gerry Conn - Now owned by Bill Janitor.
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You could have bought this T70 on eBay a while ago...
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Greg Edwards' T-60 Copar Panzer
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"A Man's Kind of Tractor" - Mike Heller w/T758es
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Bruce Baroch's T70b dually in Escanaba, Mi.
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Paul Morford's T60
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This one may be a very early T60, as it uses a 4HP Kohler K91 engine like the T55/T50. Purchased recently in Michigan.

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