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Donate to the preservation of Panzer history!

This page was created in 1996 to share information about Panzers and to connect people who share common interests.

Over the years, a lot of information has been gathered, and will continue to be offered for free where possible. The reason our community has grown over the years is because of the free information.

Restoring a tractor can cost a lot of money, and you shouldn't have to pay a lot for information. Unlike other major brands of the era, Panzers had a small market but broad appeal because of their looks and quirky functions.

I will continue to gather and offer printed information and how-to videos on this site and on youtube for free. I will also offer small items like decals and DVD videos at a small cost for materials and shipping.

There is, however, a LOT more information I can post, but it will take time and a lot of effort to get it there. Your donation will help offset the cost involved in scanning and processing that information.

Your donation will help preserve our knowledge! Remember that the Panzers will be here long after we are gone! Thank You!

- Bill Janitor
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