Club Links

Tim McClellan's Panzer Page
Check out the scanned brochures, including the T707ESL Loader!

Old Panzer Picture from Indy
This appears to be a picture of a T50 or T55 Panzer pulling an Indy Car back in the 50's. Link courtesy of Arch Deutschman.
The caption reads "Pat O'Connor can drive anything! (Photographer Unknown)"

Get Parts at Dandy Sales!

Vintage Garden Tractor Club of America

Farm Collector Show Directory

National Drag Racing Lawnmower Association

Copar Panzer Restoration Pictures

Tires for your Panzer
Here is a wonderful source of front and rear tires for Panzers. I have purchased several sets of tires from this company and the prices are sharp. They ship direct to your door. - Greg Edwards, PTOC President

Garden Tractor Classifieds, info, etc.
A must site for any garden tractor enthusiast.

Nebraska Tractor Test Museum

World's Largest Tractor Community (so they say)
I found this web site because someone had linked to ours in the discussion forum about Kubota tractors. Check it out!

Garden Tractor Pulling Tips
Here's a link to a great resource for garden tractor pulling and hot rod tips. Also check out the pulling tips listed on See the new tab called Panzer Performance!

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